A beautiful home starts in one place and that's design. Our company prides itself on efficient design that fits your lifestyle in a package that can't be beat. Who better to build your house than those who design it? When we design our homes all of the details and questions that usually arise in the building process are already figured out which saves both time and money. After all, time is money. We enjoy the process of getting to know you, your family, and your lifestyle sometimes years before we put a shovel to the dirt. A solid home will always start first with a solid set of plans.

Property Management

Headed up by Kate, the property management division is offered exclusively to our clients. After all, who knows your house better than those who have designed and built it. Our property management encompasses many services including cleaning, grocery delivery, roof and snow shoveling, walkthroughs and facilitating meetings with various trades to discuss upgrades or ideas you wish to have implemented while you are away.

General Contracting

There are a lot of moving parts to a construction project, and behind each successful one is a solid general contractor. Ben has been developing lasting and true relationships with many trades in this valley and earning the trust of all who hire him and our company to general contract their projects. Our in house dedicated bookkeeping and record keeping keeps all communications and finances clear and concise, while the attention to each specific site from the general contractor, often in construction bags with a hammer in hand, keeps things moving smooth. We pride ourselves on our general contracting services, knowing that we are the protector and creator of your biggest investment.